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1 Luxury Tents Draft Policy 14-09-2023 N/A .pdf
3 Andaman Caravan Draft Policy 12-08-2023 N/A .pdf
4 Annexure A 12-08-2023 N/A .pdf
5 Procedure to apply for FCC Annexure B 12-08-2023 N/A .pdf
6 Common consent application Form-Annexure -c1 12-08-2023 N/A .pdf
7 List of documents required for obtaining Consent to Establish-Annexure -c2 12-08-2023 N/A .pdf
8 License-registration detailsAnnexure-D1 12-08-2023 N/A .pdf
9 FoSCoS - FSSAIAnnexure-D2 12-08-2023 N/A .pdf
10 FoSCoS - FSSAI 2Annexure-D3 12-08-2023 N/A .pdf
11 Online Water application-PBMC - Annexure-E1 12-08-2023 N/A .pdf
12 APWD WTC Application Annexure E2 12-08-2023 N/A .pdf
13 Application for New Electricity Connection Annexure-F1 12-08-2023 N/A .pdf
14 New connection documentAnnexue-F2 12-08-2023 N/A .pdf
15 Application for CRZ-Annexure-G1 12-08-2023 N/A .pdf
16 Checklist of Documents-CRZ Clearance ApplicationAnnexure-G2 12-08-2023 N/A .pdf
17 Caravan Policy for Andaman and Nicobar Islands Inviting suggestions/inputs/comments 12-08-2023 N/A .pdf
18 Draft Birdwatching Policy proposed 12-08-2023 N/A .pdf
19 Bird Watching Policy for Andaman Nicobar Islands Inviting Suggestion/inputs/comments 12-08-2023 N/A .pdf
20 The Walk-in-Trade Test Published in the Daily Telegram dated 13.04.2023 for the engagement of Tourist Safety Enforcement Team (TSET) Member, Life Saving Technique (LST) Course/Certificate may also one of the essential criteria. 18-04-2023 N/A .pdf
21 Prescribed fees for Tourist Guides for visiting Natural Bridge, Shaheed Dweep 16-01-2023 N/A .pdf
22 Extension of date of submission of bids for Tender No. 11-130/98/TSM/2021/PF-II 16-12-2022 N/A .pdf
23 Hiring of Sound and Light equipment's 28-11-2022 N/A .pdf
24 Tender Notice 17-11-2022 N/A .pdf
25 Covid-19 Protocols to be followed for travellers in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 07-11-2022 N/A .pdf
27 Recruitment Rules/Regulations in respect of Group A, B, and C posts 04-07-2022 N/A .pdf
28 Undertaking the laundry work of Turtle Resort, Diglipur for a period of one year 28-06-2022 N/A .pdf
29 Chartered Accountant Firms/Authorized Tax Consultant to process e-TDS of Income Tax and GST 09-06-2022 N/A .pdf
30 Calendar Events 18-04-2022 N/A .pdf
31 Notification 05-04-2022 N/A .pdf
32 Schedule of 'Go-Go Bus' 22-03-2022 N/A .pdf
33 Partial Modification of Order no. 221 dt. 17-03-2022, the tourist activities in South Andaman is re-opened with immediate effect. 22-03-2022 N/A .pdf
34 Relaxation for incoming passengers on RT-PCR report 02-03-2022 N/A .pdf
35 Sealed quotations are invited from authorized news agents at port blair 28-02-2022 N/A .pdf
36 In-Partial modification to order no 07 dt. 05.01.2022 15-02-2022 N/A .pdf
37 The Existing SOP issued vide order no 70 dt 03.02.2022 has been revised 15-02-2022 N/A .pdf
38 All Tourists spots in South Andaman District is permitted to open for tourism activities with strict adherence of COVID appropriate behaviors. 08-02-2022 N/A .pdf
39 Detection of Omicron Variant in Andaman Islands new Order issued for all incoming passengers. 02-01-2022 N/A .pdf
40 Do's and Don't with regards to COVID 19 before travelling 31-12-2021 N/A .pdf
41 All Tourism Stakeholders involved in Water Sports Activities. 28-12-2021 N/A .pdf
42 Sound and Light show at NSCB Island has been resumed with immediate effect from 24/12/2021 onwards 23-12-2021 N/A .pdf
43 SOP Regarding testing of Tourist 08-12-2021 N/A .pdf
44 All Water Spots Activities Operators 26-11-2021 N/A .pdf
45 The Andaman and Nicobar Administration in supersession of its earlier order dated 23.12.2020 22-10-2021 N/A .pdf
46 Invites Tender on QCBS System from local Musical orchestra/musical troupes for performing light Musical Programme 21-10-2021 N/A .pdf
47 Island wise Statistical Outline 05-10-2021 N/A .pdf
48 BASIC STATISTICS 2019-20 05-10-2021 N/A .pdf
49 Sealed Quotations are invited for Videography, Editing and Voiceover 08-09-2021 N/A .pdf
50 SOP for Museums 03-08-2021 N/A .pdf
51 SOP for opening of Beaches 03-08-2021 N/A .pdf
52 General Advisory for Tourist and Stakeholders 03-08-2021 N/A .pdf
53 SOP for National Memorial Cellular Jail 03-08-2021 N/A .pdf
54 SOP for Light and Sound Show at NSCB Island 03-08-2021 N/A .pdf
55 All Tourism Activities in South Andaman and North and Middle Andaman will be reopened 03-08-2021 N/A .pdf
56 Sealed tender are invited from the local reputed firms 13-04-2021 N/A .pdf
57 Most frequent queries about Andamans 10-04-2021 N/A .pdf
58 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in General and for Covid-19 for information of the tourists/travelers to these islands. 10-04-2021 N/A .pdf
59 SOP for National Memorial Cellular Jail 29-01-2021 N/A .pdf
61 Film Shooting Policy in Andaman and Nicobar Islands 19-01-2021 N/A .pdf
62 Andaman Emerald Blue Calendar for 2021 13-01-2021 N/A .pdf
63 Standard Operating Procedure for Surveillance and Response to new variant of COVID-19 23-12-2020 N/A .pdf
64 System for Assessment, Awareness & Training for Hospitality Industry (SAATHI) 16-12-2020 N/A .pdf
65 Inviting Proposal for Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) 24-11-2020 N/A .pdf
66 System for Assessment, Awareness and Training for Hospitality Industry (SAATHI) 22-09-2020 N/A .pdf
67 List of Sub Nodal Officers of their respective zone for updating of Comprehensive National Database of Accommodation unit. 12-09-2020 N/A .pdf
68 Grievances/queries related to booking/cancellation regarding their tours, ships, hotels, etc. 18-03-2020 N/A .pdf
69 Sealed tenders are invited from interested parties for Disposal of the vessel M.V. Ramanujam on 'AS IS WHERE IS' basis 03-03-2020 Before 30.03.2020 at 11:00 am .pdf
70 Travel advisory to Travelers visiting China 05-02-2020 N/A .pdf
71 Expression of Interest Notice for Interested companies / firms / departments having experience in the installation of audio guide system in tourist places. (Hindi) 17-01-2020 N/A .pdf
72 Expression of Interest Notice for Interested companies / firms / departments having experience in the installation of audio guide system in tourist places. (English) 17-01-2020 N/A .pdf
73 Due to VVIP visit at Cellular Jail on 16th JAN 2020 there will be no regular S&L show. But Special Show from 8 pm to 9 pm and 9 pm to 10 pm for tourist and general public on free of cost 15-01-2020 16-01-2020 .pdf
74 Extension of time for submission of RFQ for setting up of Eco Tourism Resorts in Andaman 13-01-2020 3.00 pm on 31.01.2020. .pdf
75 Accommodation Census, Quarterly and Monthly Performa 14-12-2019 N/A .pdf
76 Extension of time for submission of RFQ for setting up of Eco Tourism Resorts in Andaman 11-12-2019 3.00 pm on 14.01.2020. .pdf
77 Tender Notice: operation and maintenance of Sound and Light Show including DG set at NSCB Island (Ross Island), Port Blair. 11-12-2019 03.12.2019 .pdf
78 Corrigendum: operation and maintenance of Sound and Light Show including DG set at NSCB Island (Ross Island), Port Blair. 11-12-2019 07-01-2020 .pdf
79 Responses on the pre application queries for Request for Qualification (RFQ) document and Draft Concession Agreement (DCA) for development of Eco tourism projects in Long Island, Aves Island, Smith Island and Shaheed Dweep. 26-11-2019 N/A .pdf
80 Application form for allotment of space during the Flea Market at Marina Park, Port Blair 25-11-2019 N/A .pdf
81 Guidelines for operation of Helmet Diving Undersea Walk-In AN Islands 11-11-2019 N/A .pdf
82 Proposed amendment of Helmet Diving Under Seawalk in AN Islands 11-11-2019 N/A .pdf
83 RFQ for setting up of Eco-Tourism Resorts in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 25-10-2019 N/A .pdf
84 RFQ for setting up of Eco-Tourism Resort in Shaheed Dweep. 25-10-2019 N/A .pdf
85 RFQ for setting up of Eco-Tourism Resort in Smith Island. 25-10-2019 N/A .pdf
86 RFQ for setting up of Eco-Tourism Resort in Long Island. 25-10-2019 N/A .pdf
87 RFQ for setting up of Eco-Tourism Resort in Aves Island 25-10-2019 N/A .pdf
88 The Daily Telegrams and Dweep Samachar through the WhatsApp will be free of cost for the first three 03-05-2019 N/A .pdf

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